smart way to manage your home.

A Proactivetly management 

Our skills and tool performance over your property will considerably reduce the time that takes you operating by yourself. Creating a better lifestyle and spending time on what matters most.

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How do we make it possible?

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Adapting to your needs

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Team Organization


Proactive work

What includes this Admin Service?

Services applicable only on this service


Cosala Homes team supervises every repair,  and maintenance issue

Property Visits

Your property receives two property inspections per month

Rent Collection

We receive and deliver your property(ies) income from your rental property(ies)

Project Manager



Your house is advertised through our social media and website to get more viewers

Access to Worker network

Be allow to access to our network of reliable staff, and contractors

Prepare Move in/out

We help you do the preparations for your upcoming move-in/out tenants

Screen tenants

Deep backgrounds check are made on every possible tenant to get only qualified tenants

Attend Property Maintenance

You can contact us for any issue related to the property at any time.

Attend Repairs

We'll be in the look up for any damage to be repair.

Monthly Report

Receive a monthly expense report