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Management Services 



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Gated Communities

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We would like you to understand...

What is that we do. The management service has a main objective  which is to run your property for you. We take control of the basic responsibilities such as staff payment, services payments, taxes, and maintenance that could rise up at any time and intercept them and avoid future problems.


Cosala Homes has a wide list of high recommended providers ready and able to do all kind of repairs.

Payments & Financial

Track all of your expenses live with our online method for each of our customers. Also, free yourself from paying all your services (Internet, electricity, other), taxes and staff (maid, Gardner) payments. 


Receive a two times monthly inspection visits to intercept any type of problem and fix it. 

Included on Management Service

List of Chores

Do Payrolls

Assist with services

Pay Utilities service

Prepare house arrivals

Hire or recommend providers

Do yearly taxes

Constant property visits

Expense reports

Project Managemet

Planing on remodeling?

Included on Management Service

Finding the right people to help you reach your goal is a hard thing in the area. Don't let that ever happen again. Cosala Homes has a wide open network of service providers, contractors, and arquitects that we truly recommend.

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