Things you should know before renting a house.

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

1. Discover if it is possible to connect Internet and television at the same time

Few people could last a long time in a house without Internet and television. Find out in advance if it is possible to hire these services at home and that the previous tenants have no debts.

2. Check for moisture stains

Fungi at home are very unpleasant. They give rise to bad smells, they look bad and it is very difficult to finish them. At the same time, breathing fungal spores is dangerous to health. Especially in the case of older adults and children.

That's why you should always check that the house does not have dark spots of fungi. They usually form in the bathroom, in the kitchen and near the windows: in areas with high humidity.

3. Find out if you have all the meters

Many times the owner does not include receipts for services in the rent. This means that you will have to pay these bills additionally.

Therefore, verify that the house has all the necessary meters. That way you could control your consumption.

4. Think where you would park your car

If you have a car, you will surely need a place to park it. If you do not have a garage, investigate if the house has a parking lot next door.

If not, go around the neighborhood and think about where you will leave your vehicle at night: if there are paid parking lots and if it is not forbidden to park in front of the house without being charged a fine.

5. Find out if previous tenants had pets

This rule is current for people who are allergic to pet hair. If you are in this group, when moving to a new house, you must be sure that cat hair balls are not hidden in the slits of the floor or on the carpet.

6. The windows open and the doors close

If you don't like the idea of always being worried about your belongings, check if the doors of the house close properly.

It won't hurt to try to open and close the windows. If it turns out that they do not open, you will not be able to ventilate the room and you will suffer on hot days.

7. Take inventory of everything in the house

Together with the owner or the administrator of the house, make a detailed list of the things that are in the house and that you can use.

Attach the list to the contract. It is better to write down once if any of the objects have a defect so that the owner of the house does not try to blame you for damaging your property.

8. Pay special attention to cleaning

If you entered a messy and dirty house, do not rush to sign the contract. It is very likely that even more unpleasant details are hidden behind the disorder. You can ask the owner to clean the house before renting it, but also be prepared so that he may not want to do so and simply refuses to continue negotiating, claiming he has many possible tenants in line.

Therefore, if dirt is the only thing that makes you doubt, do not rush to reject the option. Review the house in detail and decide if you can fix it so it looks good.